The Media Forgets Too Easily

While Capponi’s involvement in Haiti might seem a far cry from his fast life on SoBe, it does not surprise those who know him well.

Only this isn’t SoBe, and Capponi isn’t standing in any old derelict building. This is a derelict building in one of the most derelict countries in the world: Haiti. What was he thinking!

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It’s encouraging to see that somebody still cares about Haiti. I can’t believe the media and the world has practically forgotten about that place after the earthquake. 200,000 dead and entire cities destroyed, and barely a nod! It’s too easy to forget about this kind of tragedy when the media is so full of fake violence and lust. It’s good that Michael Capponi is picking up the slack for those who forgot. I know that there’s a lot to keep track of in the world today, but Haiti is just across the sea from us! They’re our neighbors, and what happens to them happens to us. How do we look to the world if we can’t be bothered to help? I’d like to see one of the buildings Capponi is rebuilding someday. I’ve never been to the Caribbean before, but it sounds like a really beautiful place with some very beautiful architecture.

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